When they were children, Charlotte, Branwell, Anne and Emily Bronte created their own imaginary worlds, Gondal and Angria. Worlds they shaped and peopled with heros of their liking, with love lost and gained, wars fought and won...

This is my Gondal; my inspo blog for a story I'm writing set in an alternative 1925.

dieselpunk. 1920s-40s. prohibition. writing. flappers. art deco. jazz. aviator style. cast & crew. forgotten worlds. soundtrack. bomber planes. gang wars. decopunk. new york city. zeppelins. booze. pirates. glamour. poise. mafioisi. ancient civilisations. sudden death. rum runners. dark ladies. inspiring quotes. WWI. gypsies and thieves. cabaret. roving reporters. airships.


If i could be with you tonight
I would sing you to sleep
Never let them take the light behind your eyes
One day, I’ll lose this fight
As we fade in the dark
Just remember you will always burn as bright


That the world is ugly, but you’re beautiful to me
Are you thinking of me?
Like I’m thinking of you?

❝The most interesting villains are the ones who make us uncomfortable because we look at them and we recognize ourselves.❞
— Kevin Durand from Playing a Bad Guy in Everything  (via catelynstarks)

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